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Our team of media forensic professionals are trained in processing video evidence and take great pride in handling sensitive digital evidence.

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Focal Forensic customers include all levels of government, healthcare providers, legal service providers, retailers, casinos, transportation providers, and many more. Come see how our CJIS compliant redaction services have saved our clients from missing release deadlines and spending money on a solution that fails to meet their needs.


A budget friendly way to redact with confidence and 100% accuracy

The Focal Redaction Process

Our redaction process was developed with security requirements and protocols in mind that follow CJIS guidelines laid out by the DOJ. Focal Forensics is committed to providing a secure and robust camera-agnostic solution. Focal Forensics has a secure and encrypted file transferring platform that allows for video evidence to be sent and received quickly and securely. We also easily integrate into a department's existing digital evidence management system.

Redaction Services We Offer

Video Redaction
Audio Redaction
Image Redaction
Document Redaction
Dialogue Transcription
Proprietary CCTV footage
Critical Incidents
Interview Room Videos
Drone Video
Helicopter Footage
All Media Formats
Looking for redaction as a service?
Make the switch from software to a service.

Video Redaction can be an extremely complex task that should be left to trained professionals. Let Focal Forensics handle your requests and eliminate the headache of doing the work in-house. Enjoy the freedom to focus on the important tasks at hand while your media is being processed by a team of experts. We do the work while saving you valuable time and money.

11 Common Issues SurroundingVideo Redaction
In-house Software Vs. Focal Forensics
In-House Software
Focal Forensics
Cost Effective
In-House Software
Many software solutions have various cost structures which may be based on the amount of media initially uploaded within the solution. This leaves the department paying for a solution they may not use frequently. Departments should also consider the training cost required as well as the extra labor resources the department must use to perform the redaction.
  • Poor use of department resources
  • Additional overhead cost
  • Training costs
Focal Forensics
Our transparent pricing structure provides clarity on total costs for each individual case in need of redaction. Our service solutions are built to work for departments with budget concerns and savings in mind. Rather than forecasting the increase in FOIA requests, use a service to remain cost effective as you receive requests. Think of our services as an extension of the department's capabilities.
  • No upfront costs
  • No additional resources needed
  • Use when needed
Redaction Speed
In-House Software
No automatic software solution is perfect. While some software companies profess a one-button solution, they fail to generate accurate redactions even for typical policing incidents. In-house redaction personnel will be required to double check all software solutions and will always be required to remove unnecessary redactions as well as redactions that are not accurate. Even with a dedicated redaction staff member, many inaccurate and unnecessary redactions created by software will need to be corrected.
  • Fixing software inaccuracies
  • Implement QA process
Focal Forensics
The team at Focal Forensics understands the need for releasing FOIA requests in a timely manner. When a department struggles to release videos quickly, they could be seen as lacking transparency or hiding information. Instead, use our robust redaction team to meet all specific mandated release schedules and retain peace of mind knowing the work is being performed by experts.
  • Robust redaction team and solutions
  • Prioritize a departments urgency
  • Meet all mandated release times
  • Timely completion with 100% accuracy
100% Accuracy
In-House Software
Extremely high accuracy is the most important element in releasing BWC footage. No software can be trusted to produce redaction that is 100% accurate. Software can fail to automatically recognize the complex movement in a policing incident or catch the nuances within a video, such as medical information, or DL numbers. A small mistake on a single frame can expose the identity of an individual. Due to the extremely limited margin of error, the human eye is needed to accurately process an incident frame by frame.
  • No QA assurance
  • Unnecessary redactions
Focal Forensics
Our redaction services allow a department to leverage our trained professionals to ensure their redaction is 100% accurate. We follow strict guidelines from the department and work with your records section to guarantee 100% accurate redaction. We also use a quality assurance process to review all work before each release. This extra step provides additional confidence that all necessary redactions have been made and any initial mistakes have been mitigated.
  • Rigorous QA
  • Trained professional
  • Department-focused
Additional Training
In-House Software
When implementing an in-house redaction solution, a department must shift key personnel responsibilities to ensure the redaction is processed correctly. These individuals will need to be trained on the redaction software and can quickly become overworked when complex cases arise. Many software solutions are not user friendly and can take many hours to acquire a proficient level of redaction skills
  • Additional responsibility
  • Overworked personnel
  • Slow to completion and proficiency
Focal Forensics
Using a service provider can completely eliminate the need for all technical video training requirements. We provide the department with our experts who have thousands of hours of hands-on experience and training. We focus on creating a unique workflow for each department which creates confidence that the release of footage is accurate, secure and most importantly fast.
  • Professionally Trained
  • Department-Focused personnel
Additional Staffing
In-House Software
Departments will need to pass on the redaction responsibilities to a current staff member or hire additional staff to ensure the requests coming in can be completed. Hiring additional staff is time consuming, expensive, and will require funds that may not be available. These resources can be spent in other areas that will improve its overarching goal of helping the community they serve.
  • Costly professional salary
  • Additional budgeting
  • Costly/timely training
Focal Forensics
Our Goal is to limit the burden of redaction for departments by being an extension of each department we work with. Our services have been shown to eliminate unnecessary staffing requirements needed for redaction. By removing the staffing concerns, the department can release requests efficiently while utilizing its current staff and resources more efficiently.
  • Redaction experts
  • Cost effective secure department extension
  • CJIS compliant
Flexible Contract
In-House Software
Many software solutions often have strict pricing structures that don’t meet a department's budget or specific needs. Software solutions require contracts for large amounts of video that many departments often never use.
  • Unused Resources
  • High upfront costs
Focal Forensics
Focal Forensics offers an affordable redaction solution for departments looking to only pay for what they need. We provide a premium redaction service on a pay-as-you-go pricing model to accommodate the budget of your department. No long-term contracts or commitments.
  • No upfront costs
  • No additional fees
  • Easily budgeted
Customer Support
In-House Software
Software solutions are extremely limited in their technical and customer support. They fail to focus their support to specific department needs or concerns. Many cloud-based solutions may even have downtime along with limitations for specific department user preferences.
  • Slow to respond
  • Not department-focused
  • Not available 24/7
Focal Forensics
Focal Forensics builds its redaction services around each individual department with the understanding that each department is unique. We understand video-management systems are unique and all BWC programs are not the same. We strive to adapt to each department to integrate our services and create a long and lasting relationship with the least amount of change many departments would experience with other solutions.
  • 24/7 care
  • Department-focused
  • Adapts to department infrastructure and key BWC SOPs
CJIS Compliant
In-House Software
Additional software revolving around the current evidence management platform will require care to follow CJIS guidelines. Additional SOPs will be needed to ensure the department is following all CJIS guidelines.
  • Require additional process
  • Difficult integration
Focal Forensics
Focal Forensics takes security protocols very seriously. We work closely with each department to provide confidence and peace of mind when using our services. All media evidence shared with Focal Forensics is protected by DLP solutions and encrypted security protocols. We remain informed about current and upcoming legislation to ensure our redaction process is following the specific requirements of each state.
  • CJIS compliant data transfer
  • Seamless department integration
  • SWDGE best practices
We Analyzed 10,000 Hours of BWC Video
Here's what we learned about video redaction

The steady increase of Body-worn camera footage is contributing to a delay in records requests and transparency for departments everywhere. We present our findings in a clear and concise white paper available to everyone interested in this topic.

Read Our White Paper
Be one of the fastest departments to release footage

Our clients often serve as a model for other departments and are often asked how they release footage with such speed and ease. At Focal Forensics we understand the burden of meeting release mandates and have a robust redaction team that enables us to redact your media faster than any other software or service provider.

from our customers

"Redaction was fast, easy, and affordable. Focal Forensics allowed our small agency to satisfy a records request efficiently, and we'll use their services again!"
Charles Rumsey
Chief of Police - Cumberland Maine
"I have used this company for over three years now with cases that require more technical clean up than I am capable of. The quality of work I get back is amazing. This is the only company I know of that will review the file ahead of time to ensure that they can return a high quality product before being charged. You can't beat the price and quality anywhere else."
Adam Fleury
"Zac is the ultimate professional. He is quick and very detailed with his work product and makes sure to not miss anything. He is great at explaining his work in terms we all can understand. Will continue to use Zac and Focal Forensics for any or of our future needs."
Jessica Love
Most common
Frequently Asked Questions
Departments of all sizes can benefit from using redaction services. These are some of the main benefits we see from departments that have used in-house solutions and have switched to a robust redaction service.

Easy of use

Faster turnaround time to release

100% accuracy

Department-focused redaction professionals

No addition overhead

Our services are priced based on the length of the footage or amount of media in need of redaction. We understand that some departments may have a sizable backlog of media to be redacted and have priced our services with each department’s budget in mind.
Other services are charging customers for software or service even when they aren't used. We focus our services to be an extension of your department or organization so you only need to pay for what you use. You won't have to worry about fee changes or untransparent hourly rates that add up for complex video and media redaction.
Not with us. Other redaction solutions require your department to expand and train staff to handle the demand of redaction. Focal Forensics is able to integrate with the current infrastructure of your records office in such a way that we are able to serve as an extension of your department.
Speed and accuracy are the most important aspects of redaction. We focus on providing a service that makes a department look like the ideal department that others want to model their media and evidence programs after. All our customers meet their state-mandated release times and are considered transparent with their BWC programs. We assess turnaround on a case-by-case basis but are always able to help departments reliably meet release deadlines as mandated by their state or county.
We use industry-standard encryption and DLP solutions for all endpoints. Focal Forensics is CJIS compliant and implements all best practices to ensure the secure transfer of media between your department and our redaction professionals.
We take great care to follow all CJIS guidelines to secure media from all endpoints. We can seamlessly integrate our services with your current digital evidence management infrastructure. Our process eliminates risk and increases confidence that your media is secure. All media is protected with high-level encryption and DLP solutions for data both at rest and in transit.
In-house software is not only very expensive, but also incredibly unreliable; software alone is simply incapable of processing media to achieve 100% accurate redaction. Footage must be carefully reviewed frame-by-frame to ensure no private information is released. Using in-house software requires allocating staff and training them to carry out this meticulous task. Let our redaction experts handle this work for you.
Other service providers are not familiar with the complexity and individual needs of departments. We have strong relationships with large and small departments and have extensive experience with all evidence management infrastructure used today. Other services are not focused on being an extension of your department but rather focused on obtaining your business. We pride ourselves on our values being aligned with those of the departments we serve and are passionate about the work we do to serve law enforcement.