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Focal Forensics is a full service redaction provider for Law enforcement, Government, Schools, and private organizations.

Forensic Audio, Video, Image Experts

We offer a service that can alleviate frustrations experienced by a large group of clients. We use cost effective solutions and offer no obligation quotations. Our mission is simply to help and we’d enjoy working with you.

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Focal Forensics Rated Top Law Enforcement Consulting/Service Provider Company 2020 & 2023 An award winning CJIS compliant vendor trusted by Law enforcement. Focal Forensics offers secure services that help organizations work faster with more accuracy at a fraction of the cost.
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Government Agencies

We have proudly provided law enforcement support to local, national, and federal agencies on all types of investigations, both big and small.

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Allow Focal Forensics to assist with interpretation of digital media evidence in and outside of the courtroom.

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Trusted by law enforcement agencies all over the world

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Law Enforcement & Government Agencies

Video redaction does not have to be a full time job.

With Focal Forensics Redaction Services, leave the heavy lifting to us. Our trained experts can process your case with 100% accuracy.

Redaction Services
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Law Enforcement & Government Agencies

Why hire a forensic expert for my video redaction needs?

Video redaction is a complex process that takes extensive training. You can take comfort in knowing that the experts at focal forensics are certified in forensic video analysis and take great pride in their competence and reliability with sensitive video evidence. We provide officers and agencies fast, reliable, professionally reviewed redaction.

Fast, reliable, secure redaction!

Let's save your department time and money!

Attorney's & Law Firms
trusted forensic litigation specialists
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How do you process digital and analog evidence?
Technology is flying past the court system.

Digital media evidence can be extremely complex work. It's important to hire trained experts who understand how to properly handle and present sensitive digital evidence.

We can guide the process when it comes to the authenticity of digital and analog evidence.

Failure to authenticate video evidence may render it inadmissible and useless. Let Focal Forensics quickly authenticate all your digital evidence. During authenticity examinations, detailed work notes are prepared and a formal laboratory report is provided to the client at the end of the exam.

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Let Focal Forensics help you get the most from your recorded evidence.

Focal Forensics offers a host of additional digital forensic sevices.

We offer services that can alleviate frustrations experienced by a large group of clients. We use cost effective solutions and offer no obligation quotations. Our experts are active in their field and continue to research and provide feedback to the forensic community. Our mission is simply to help and we’d enjoy working with you.

Voice Enhancement, Audio Authentication, Audio Transcription, Digital Media Recovery.

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Camera Seperation, Transcription, Enhancement, Authentication, and much much more

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Video, Audio, Image and Document redaction

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Authentication, Analysis & Enhancement, Facial Comparison of Images

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