Zac Giammarrusco

Holds a M.S from the National Center for Media Forensics and a B.S in recording arts from the University of Colorado Denver. Zac worked as a digital forensic examiner in Denver, CO before moving to Arlington, VA to work for an ASCLD/ANAB 17025 accredited digital forensics laboratory with CACI. 

After getting married in July, 2017 Zac moved back to Denver to work remotely and start his own digital forensic company. He also currently supports a local law enforecment with their bodyworn camera program.  Zac has presented his research on source camera identification at the 2016 Academy of Forensic Sciences in Las Vegas Nevada. He’s a certified private investigator in the state of Colorado and an active member of AAFS, IAI, LEVA, and AES.

Zac has testifed in court on both the federal and state Level in Florida and Coloardo. The cases he has testified in inlcude image authentication, video analysis, and facial comparsion. In his free time, Zac enjoys flying drones as a part 107 pilot and skiing champagne powder.  

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Steve Bufalino

Business Executive- Originally from Chicago, Steve holds an MBA from The University of Coloardo Denver with a specializtion in finance. Steve orginally moved to Colorado to receive his bachelor’s degree in music performance and business. He has sucessfully managed large restaurants in Chiacgo while promoting music and local events. He currently resides in Denver, Colorado and enjoys research in the next generation of block chain technology.

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James ZJalic (U.K)

Education includes a Masters Degree in Media Forensics from the National Centre of Media Forensics at the University of Colorado, Denver, USA, and a 1st Class Bachelors Degree in Audio Engineering. Holds FTK ACE Examiner Certification in Computer Forensics and an active member the Audio Engineering Society, Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences & The UK Register of Expert Witnesses.

Previous casework includes criminal, civil and private cases, including work for various police forces on high profile cases such as murder, rape and pedophilia.. Experienced in all aspects of audio, image and video forensics.

Research includes work on image authentication for The US Pentagon’s Defense & Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) and peer-reviewed publications and international presentations on subjects including audio authentication and audio authentication. Research has lead to the development of Verden Forensics in-house authentication and case management software, the “Media Authentication Toolbox”, featuring analyses that are unavailable in any off-the-shelf software.

Articles on the various topics including ‘Audio Forensics in 2017’ and ‘The CSI Effect: Expectations Vs Limitations’ have appeared in the popular forensic publications  Digital Forensic Magazine and Forensic Focus.

Conferences, training courses and workshops are attended regularly to stay at the forefront of developments within the forensic field, ensuring clients receive the highest quality work that utilises the most current research, tools and techniques.

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